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What is the difference between a freight carrier and a freight broker?

How to ship to Prudhoe Bay Alaska

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Alaska has several large freight companies. Why would I come to 49th Freight instead?

Origin, destination, weight and dimensions. Request A Quote online.

Companies who can benefit from the expertise of our familiarity with the challenges of moving freight around Alaska. We enjoy the opportunity to assist construction companies with getting freight to remote job sites. We can help with getting oilfield equipment to the north slope by way of the Haul Road. Need a “backhaul” from Alaska to the lower 48? We can do that too. Contact us any time for a quote or references.

Let us refer you to someone who can best assist with moving these items. There are several reasons why specialty vehicle and household movers are likely your safest option.

Customers have a few options to get their package from point A to point B and understanding your options is key. Below I’ll detail the difference between a freight carrier and a freight broker.

Freight Broker

Freight brokers do not own physical assets such as trucks or trailers. Nor are they operators. They simply act as a broker for freight carriers. What that means is they work to find freight carriers that meet the customer needs. Examples of customer needs are deadlines, refrigerated or heated transportation, routing requirements, consolidation and hazardous material transportation. Freight brokers have access to multiple freight carriers and can work with anyone versus being locked into a specific carrier. As a customer, you will work directly with your freight broker for all inquiries (payment, tracking, etc.).

Freight Carriers

When you think about “freight companies,” you’re likely thinking of freight carriers. They operate a business that has a fleet of trucks and handle their own dispatching and scheduling. Freight carriers typically operate within specific geographic boundaries.

Who to contact when you have goods to move?

Given the geographic boundaries that freight carriers operate within, they can easily accommodate your move from one location to another in their service area. Freight carriers often partner with other carriers to expand their service area but it’s wise to get a second quote given that the carrier markup on long haul moves can vary.
For multiple shipments, having a freight broker act as your single point of contact can make things a lot easier on the customer. If you’re shipping material that’s less-than-truckload (LTL), freight brokers may be able to pair that freight up with others saving both customers money.

Regardless of who is moving your freight, always ensure it is packaged appropriately so it arrives at its destination undamaged.

49th Freight is proud to be your only Alaskan owned Landstar agency. We are operating out of Anchorage, Alaska and have the local knowledge to help you find the best solution for your freight transportation needs.

Simply given its size and location on the globe, Alaska is a complex location to ship to and from. As a freight broker, 49th Freight has the ability to offer a wide variety of equipment to move your freight. Whether that be a trailer, flatbed or step deck, let us source it for you so you get what you need for a fair price.

For those of you familiar with Alaska, you’ll know that our crowned jewel is our gas and oilfields. Prudhoe Bay, a 40+ year old field, continues to reign supreme with over 250 thousand barrels of oil being produced daily, but there are a lot of very exciting developments on the horizon. Our state motto, “North to the Future,” is something all Alaskans relate to and are depending on. Getting freight to the North Slope, as Alaskan’s call it, is no small feat and the 5,000+ people who work there rely on steady deliveries of goods from food to tools for the job. 49th Freight is very familiar with the unique requirements for driving freight on the Dalton Highway (aka Haul Road).

Here are pictures from the trip Clyde, 49th Freight’s Owner, took as a passenger on the 500-mile drive from Fairbanks, AK to Deadhorse, AK. Once in a lifetime experience!

The North Slope isn’t Alaska’s only geographically challenging area regarding delivering freight. 49th Freight regularly utilizes all modes of transportation to meet shipping needs. This includes steam ships, barges, rail, aircraft and a multitude of trucks. We have the ability to handle hazardous materials. You can rely on our relationships to be your one-stop-shop for your shipping needs. Contact 49th Freight today to discuss your next move.

49th Freight has the ability to consolidate your Alaska-bound freight in Kent, Washington. From Kent, it goes over the water on a container ship to Anchorage, AK twice per week. This allows us to meet your need for just-in-time freight to run your business in a lean manner. Think about eliminating your warehouse space and trying out this option instead.

49th Freight is choosing to approach the freight business differently. We are not incentivized to route freight in traditional ways even when the customer could benefit from something different (i.e. rebates based on volume). You could say that a side benefit of 49th Freight not owning physical assets (i.e. our own trucking company) allows us to be truly customer focused. We have the ability to put your freight on local trucks and we certainly present those options when it fits the customer requirements of the move. We do not simply add a markup and call a local carrier to handle your move. Contact us to experience the value we can provide.

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